Do it in a Dress – The Power of the Girl Effect

educate girls in africa



“66 Million Girls Around the World Will Never Get the Chance to Go to School Simply Because They Were Born a Girl.”

Chantelle Baxter, cofounder of One Girl is on a quest to raise money to help girls have the opportunity to receive an education.

“A girl born in Sierra Leone, West Africa is more likely to be RAPED than she is to go to high school”

In this TEDx talk, Chantelle describes how she was inspired to start a campaign to help girls.  So far they have raised over $1 million.  The current campaign “Do it in a Dress” (October and November) encourages girls to wear their school uniforms in various activities to raise money simply to allow a girl to attend school.

Chantelle was recently featured on Today, Australia.

Aussie Charity Takes on Gender Inequality




I hope sites like this continue to inspire you to find ways to give back and help others.  One Girl is a simple idea that is creating what Chantelle calls the “Girl Effect”.  For every year a girl stays in school she has the ability to earn 10-25% more.  This has a ripple effect in her family, the community and eventually the country.

What can you do to help your local community?

How can you create a ripple effect?


Saving Children – Measles Vaccination

When she lost her baby boy to a preventable disease, Helen knew she had to do something to save others from similar tragedy.

Her son was killed by an outbreak of German measles that spread through the children in her Filipino community. Now, she raises awareness as part of an immunization program that helps parents and children protect themselves from the disease.


“What if your neighbor asked you to take 20 minutes one night to help him? Would you do it? Most decent people would. But what if he asked you every night following, with no end in sight? Would you be willing to do it? … When would serving your neighbor feel more like servitude?”