Bake a Loaf of Bread

Baked Bread Makes us KinderSome studies have shown that the smell of fresh-baked bread makes us kinder to strangers.

That, in and of itself, seems reason enough to bake, although I have never really needed a reason to experiment in the kitchen.  Baking makes me happy! I love the way that bread baking in the oven fills our home with a wonderful aroma.

These wonderful smells in the kitchen are not restricted to bread.  The secret is that you can bake anything!  Nicole Feliciano, editor and founder of Mom Trends blogged to “Plate it Forward” and Spread Kindness (and baked goods).

“Make something delicious for someone you care about.  Place your treat on the plate.  Plate it Forward and deliver the plate to your unsuspecting (and lucky!) recipient.  After your recipient eats the sweet treats, they can Plate it Forward by delivering treats to someone they care about!”

Vanessa Kimball blogging on Random Bakes of Kindness, offered her readers a baking challenge a few years ago.  Bloggers around the world have responded with their own stories of kindness.

“I am sure there must be someone in your life who deserves a spontaneous thank you, a kind word and some recognition for just being a marvelous person. I know it’s a bit random … but that is what makes it out of the usual and for me that makes it special.  The unexpected just means more.

It’s no trouble to bake extra .. so the next time you are baking make two and then all you need to do is decide who to give your random bake to…”

Now is the time to start baking.  Begin a new tradition of making a little bit extra to give away.

For inspiration there are many wonderful recipe sites online. I have listed some recipes ideas on Bake Chocolate Cake.

Share some of your recipes or an inspirational story in the box below!


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