Celebrate Kindness


I started this blog several years ago when I was going through some personal struggles.  I ignored the blog for several months while I was busy with other projects. With recent political events it seems like the message of kindness should once again be a priority.

In addition to the blog, I am expanding this theme to social media.

Facebook – where I hope to post more inspirational stories

Pinterest – a place to collect inspirational quotes and ideas

Instagram – a quest for me to post photos of gratitude

Two of my favorite times of the year have always been Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is something magical that occurs as people focus on ways to celebrate the season by expressing gratitude, giving gifts of service and gathering together with friends and family.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this magical feeling could extend beyond the holidays and it could be felt every day of the year?

What would it be like if on a daily basis we showed our families how much we loved them? What if we got to know our neighbors so well that we knew when they needed our help? What if we were kind to strangers?

What if we always tried to leave things better than we found them? What if we focused on others instead of our own needs? What if we made time to help, even if it required personal sacrifice? What if we gave someone a gift and we did not expect anything in return? What if we smiled more often?

Kindness Begins with Me-OneLoafofBread.wordpress.com

There are individuals who quietly help others without asking for fame or applause. They instinctively rush to help whenever they see a need. There are individuals who take time to listen to stories from a lonely grandparent. Mothers and fathers make time to listen to the concerns of a child. A child who sees a lonely girl during recess invites her to join the play group.

I am lucky to live near generous neighbors who often stop by during the holidays with small gifts or homemade treats. We have some neighbors who live alone and it is extremely satisfying for our family to see their excitement when we give them a plate of warm cookies or a freshly baked loaf of bread.

With our busy schedules it is easy to become isolated behind our own protective walls with an excuse that we do not have time. When we focus on our own needs all of the time, we neglect to see how we could help others.

Celebrate Kindness

This blog is an opportunity to post stories of genuine kindness and to read stories about individuals who choose to serve. Hopefully these stories will widen our focus, broaden our perspectives and encourage us to become the individuals we were meant to be every day of the year and not just during the holidays.

I hope you will visit all of the One Loaf of Bread sites to share your stories, find inspiration and discover more ways to extend kindness to others.

Thanks for stopping by!